Happy autumn, friends.

In mid-September some of Canada’s most prominent artists, authors and activists—from Neil Young to Naomi Klein to Leanne Simpson and Ellen Page—stood alongside Indigenous, labour, and non-profit leaders to launch an inspiring declaration for a country based on caring for each other and the earth, entitled The Leap Manifesto.

I’ve signed the manifesto because I believe this is the moment for a powerful shift to a clean energy economy in Canada.

Will you join us and sign the manifesto? https://leapmanifesto.org/

The Leap Manifesto sets out a vision for Canada to fight climate change in a way that changes our country for the better – achieving meaningful justice for First Nations, creating more and better jobs, restoring and expanding our social safety net, reducing economic, racial and gender inequalities, as well as welcoming migrants and refugees.

We can move in the direction of a 100% clean economy – while building a fairer, more humane society in the process.

Now is not the time for small steps. Now is the time to leap.

Please join me and sign the Leap Manifesto: https://leapmanifesto.org/


ps, I’m happy to be opening some shows for the excellent Bahamas in November.

Here’s an old video of me and my friend Jim.

JIM BRYSON & THE WEAKERTHANS – Raised All Wrong from Southern Souls on Vimeo.

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