The Provincial Band and I will be in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland for the last leg of our tour for Provincial. We start Tuesday at the Wiesbaden Schlacthof, one of the first venues I played in Europe in 1992.

We are all especially excited about Zurich, where it has been agreed that all us ex-smokers will partake in one Parisienne Jaune cigarette each.

Our bass player Professor Doug Friesen has asked us each to learn a Shakespearian soliloquy to recite during autobahn traffic jams. I’m going with All I Need, from The Jerk, by modern master Steve Martin.

In very important news for Winnipeggers, I have a stickybun in the heated Jonnies Stickybun competition next week. Mine is called “The Lefty,” and is a vegan lavender/poppyseed creation. Winnipeggers, please help The Lefty win by purchasing as many as you can at Jonnies or Parlour Coffee.

If you haven’t yet, please sign the song/petition to get the great Reggie Leach into the Hockey Hall of Fame. This week is the 36th anniversary of his incredible Conn Smythe Trophy winning Stanley Cup series.

Happy gardening.

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